Problem with Outbound Document Interface

Problem with Outbound Document Interface

Postby cornflake » Fri May 13, 2011 1:39 pm

We have an outbound documents interface that sends final signed v11 notes out of Enterprise to our Hospital EMR, Centricity enterrpise. On final signature, ConnectR sends a copy of the Note Output as the source of the document.

We just noticed that the message carries what appears to be headers and footers that are not visible in the Note viewer in the EHR. We are looking for option on how to remove the additional formatting in the message or if we have to modify the source somehow.

The text of the message is carried in a signel OBX segment (OBX5) with the text of the note in one big blog with ^ line breaks.

Here is a sample of the OBX5 text:

Discussion/SummarySectionStart Discussion/Summary^DSText&DragonEntry(Scripps)FormStart TWNoteTextTemplate1Start^recheck 2 weeks after medication complete^TWNoteTextTemplate1End GroupHeading1Start^GroupHeading1End DSText&DragonEntry(Scripps)FormEnd ^^ Discussion/SummarySectionEnd AssessmentSectionStart Assessment^Assessment_80_twCiteListControlStart Acute Cystitis 595.0^Status: Active; Last Assessed: 12May2011 10:07AM^Assessment_80_twCiteListControlEnd ^ AssessmentSectionEnd ChiefComplaintSectionStart Chief Complaint^ChiefComplaint_90_twCiteListControlStart Breast Pain^ChiefComplaint_90_twCiteListControlEnd ^ ChiefComplaintSectionEnd HistoryofPresentIllnessSectionStart History of Present Illness^HPIText&DragonEntry(Scripps)FormStart TWNoteTextTemplate1Start^Patient complains of breast pain x 4 weeks^TWNoteTextTemplate1End GroupHeading1Start^GroupHeading1End HPIText&DragonEntry(Scripps)FormEnd ^^ HistoryofPresentIllnessSectionEnd ActiveProblemsSectionStart Active Problems^ActiveProblems_10_twCiteListControlStart Abdominal Pain 789.00^Status: Active; Last Assessed: 12May2011 10:27AM^Acute Cystitis 595.0^Status: Active; Last Assessed: 12May2011 10:07AM^Backache 724.5^Status: Active; Last Assessed: 11May2011 08:34AM^Insomnia 780.52^Status: Active; Last Assessed: 10May2011 09:57AM^Osteopenia 733.90^Status: Active; Last Assessed: 10May2011 12:27PM^Pelvic Fracture 808.8^Status: Active; Last Assessed: 10May2011 12:27PM^ActiveProblems_10_twCiteListControlEnd ^ ActiveProblemsSectionEnd CurrentMedsSectionStart Current Meds^CurrentMeds_4_twCiteListControlStart Acyclovir 400 MG Oral Tablet; Status: ACTIVE^Amitriptyline HCl 10 MG Oral Tablet; Status: ACTIVE^CurrentMeds_4_twCiteListControlEnd ^ CurrentMedsSectionEnd AllergiesSectionStart Allergies^Allergies_20_twCiteListControlStart Allergy Status not assessed^Allergies_20_twCiteListControlEnd ^ AllergiesSectionEnd Results/DataSectionStart Results/Data^ResultsData_0_twCiteListControlStart Last 7 DAYS Results^ResultsData_0_twCiteListControlEnd ^ Results/DataSectionEnd ProcedureSectionStart Procedure^ProcedureText&DragonEntry(Scripps)FormStart TWNoteTextTemplate1Start^breast exam^TWNoteTextTemplate1End GroupHeading1Start^GroupHeading1End ProcedureText&DragonEntry(Scripps)FormEnd ^^ ProcedureSectionEnd SignaturesSectionStart Signatures^twNoteSignatureControlStart Electronically signed by : RUSSELL ZANE, M.D.; May 12 2011 10:58AM (Author)^twNoteSignatureControlEnd ^ SignaturesSectionEnd
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