Inbound clinical document from other systems to Allscripts

Inbound clinical document from other systems to Allscripts

Postby syusyu » Tue Apr 05, 2011 7:37 pm

Have anyone ever used Inbound Clinical Document (FileClinicalDocument as stored procedure from Allscripts)?

It looks like filing a request for document, not actually filing the document to Allscripts from other system? But the description is “The Inbound Clinical Document Interface allows the receipt of Clinical Documents from other clinical systems. Typically, these come from a Continuity of Care Record (CCR) repository.”

Confusion?? The store procedure FileClinicalDocument is creating request, does not actually get/import the external doc to Allscripts. May be I’m wrong.

How do you file a Discharge Summary from INPATIENT Sunrise Acute care to Outpatient HER Allsripts?

Ultimately, we want to have Sunrise acute care's documents flow to Allscripts. Some documents are dictated while others are structure note in Sunrise.

This is not inbound med, inbound allergy, inbound problem, inbund health maintenance?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Re: Inbound clinical document from other systems to Allscrip

Postby jcampbell » Wed Apr 06, 2011 10:50 am

Hi Susan,

Great question. I have not yet utilized the FileClinicalDocument sp before, and it is indeed referenced in the Allscripts Integration API (stored procedure documentation). Upon review of the stored procedure and sub-stored procedure indicate that the intended usage is for a solicited CED transaction. In particular, the Request Type of 'CED" is expected and the RequestID sent outbound, presumably on the web service call to solicit a CED, is expected when the corresponding CED is returned and attempted to be imported via FileClinicalDocument. This routine appears to be utilized by solicited transactions for patient portals such as MedFusion or Microsoft HealthVault.

If your goal is to load an unsolicited CED, I would recommend loading via FileDOCWorksTranscription if you intend on simply loading the textual CED. Is the CED you are receiving XML based?

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Re: Inbound clinical document from other systems to Allscrip

Postby syusyu » Wed Apr 06, 2011 2:29 pm


I believe I am interesting in filing the external document. So, FileDOCWorksTranscription is more usefull. My input is HL7 message, not XML. Just the name of sp is misleading and that made me to think about it first. Thanks a lot. I checked with sp FileDocWorksTranscription and it makes scense for me to use this one. Many thanks. Susan Yu
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