Expired Orders Not Triggering CxR Message

Expired Orders Not Triggering CxR Message

Postby KISMITH » Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:31 pm

We are testing some different scenarios for our Radiology interface. We put in a future order and set it on a date that would expire yesterday at midnight. We wanted to see a message would be sent to CxR when the order expired. When this order expired the status changed in TW, but a message was not sent to CxR so the Radiology system has no idea that this order expired.

I checked the settings in the Requested Performing Location dictionary. I have the following checked:

1. Order interface is used.
2. Transmit order when initially becomes active.
3. Transmit order when it is cancelled.
4. Transmit order when it is discontinued.
5. Transmit order when it is invalidated.

Is there a way to trigger a message when an order is expired? Is an expired order considered to be different from cancelled and discontinued?

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Re: Expired Orders Not Triggering CxR Message

Postby tsuacci » Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:42 pm


I was recently reviewing the Allscripts processes for expiring orders and found that an expired order has an order status of Canceled and a order status reason of Expired. So, to answer your question, an expired order is considered to be cancelled. The status is changed by a nightly SQL job called "Create_ExpiredOrder_Task - Works" which calls the SQL SP CreateOrderTaskFromSQLJob. Briefly reading through this SP (and the other SPs that are invoked by it) I can't find where an event_table record is created to indicate to ConnectR that the order was canceled. I can see that the event_table is updated to prevent the original order from flowing through ConnectR in case it hadn't yet and is now being canceled, but I can't find an insert into event_table when an order is canceled. May be a question for Allscripts about why the expired orders aren't generating an interface message, but other cancellations are.

We are on v11.2.0 HF11. I hope this helps.
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