4000009 Unknown Value

4000009 Unknown Value

Postby TammyJo » Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:34 pm

I am getting this error in a Result inbound in the ACS_ImpSetOrderResultWsync mapping. My initial assumption was that the QC_EntryName contained Basic Metobolic Panel (T), so I did a substitute ( to nothing and also ) to nothing. When I refile I see that the () is gone but I'm still getting the error and I'm not sure why? I do not see another field with any problems. Any help would be appreciated? Do I need to do something different instead of the Sub Sub?
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Re: 4000009 Unknown Value

Postby tsuacci » Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:55 pm


That error indicates a problem in the OID Sync table - Orderitem_identifier.

From the ACS_ImpSetOrderResultWsync SP:

select @count = count(*) from Orderitem_identifier
where EntryCode = @QC_EntryCode
AND ReqPerfLocDE = @RPL

If the count is greater than one, then this error code is returned. It means that you have the same RPL order code synced to multiple OID's. I would do an SSMT:Order Performing Facility Identifiers extract and search for the order code that is giving the error. You'll probably find the Performing Location Specific Orderable EntryCode assigned to multiple OID's. Find the one that is incorrectly synched, mark it for deletion, and import via SSMT. That should resolve the ConnectR error after a refile.

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