EHR Orders - File clinical questions from outside order

EHR Orders - File clinical questions from outside order

Postby skaufman » Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:36 pm

Hello everyone. I was hopeing someone has had experience or guide me through the following.
We are pulling in orders from another EHR system (eCW) and filing them into our EHR. We are able to do this fine and file the DX codes from the other system under the patient. What I am struggling with is how do I take the clinical questions that were answered in the other EMR system and get them filed under the EHR order that is created? An example would be the question "What is the source of the urine culture?" is asked and the answer of "Voided/Clean Catch" is entered. So now in the OBX segment of the order message coming in from this other EMR system I have the specific question and answer and now whenI file the order into the EHR and the EHR creates it own active order from this I need to have the question and answer recorded so when the EHR order is sent out to the lab the lab system has this information.

I see in the limited instructions from allscripts that I should use field "AdditionalInformation" in the FileOrder SPL. It does show the format but is really doesn't explain in any detail how each part of the format is used in the SPL. I don't know if I need to translate the question and answer to something specific to match a dictionary item or not.

Any help/example would be appreciated. Thanks
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