Mapping correct NTE field to Comment field

Mapping correct NTE field to Comment field

Postby tmawyer » Fri Apr 29, 2011 8:33 am

Trying to map the proper NTE field from an SIU message. The PM (GE CPS) sends over two types of notes: patient appt notes and appt notes. We want to reject the patient note and only apply the appt note to the Comment field in the File_Appointment target.

When trying to sort through the HL7 I am thinking a simple if equals statement would work where if (Source of Comment) = 'Appointment Note', then Comment = (Comment component). But I am not sure how it will handle both NTE segments coming across in the SIU message.
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Re: Mapping correct NTE field to Comment field

Postby tsuacci » Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:16 pm

Your source message definition should be setup to allow for however many occurrences of the NTE segment will be sent in the SIU (sounds like only 2). In your mapping, you will want to map the target Comment field as you have suggested using occurrence one of the NTE, but you will want to also include a similar mapping for the second occurrence of the NTE and join the two together with a ConnectR "OR" command. This way, if the appointment note is in the first or second occurrence of the NTE, you will pick it up. Here is an example of how the mapping should look.

(If NTE.1.[1]-Source of Comment = 'Appointment Note' Then NTE.1.[3]-Comment) | (If NTE.2.[1]-Source of Comment = 'Appointment Note' Then NTE.2.[3]-Comment)
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