Refiling dta in one target also refiles data in other target

Refiling dta in one target also refiles data in other target

Postby » Wed May 04, 2011 12:07 pm

Good afternoon. We have our interfaces in ConnectR set-up where we have 1 source feeding multiple targets. The multiple targets are usually 1 for LIVE and 1 for DEV. The DEV target is pointing to a development database. We had an issue the other day where allscripts trashed our development database , Yeah Allscripts. Anyway I had turned off the target pointing to the DEV database for Patient demographics. Once they fixed our database I turned on the DEV target and received a few errors. Once the issue was corrected I 'refiled' all the errors in the DEV target worklist. This caused a big problem for us because even though I was in the DEV worklist it also 'refiled' all those same errors to the LIVE target which set some data back to how it looked earlier.

Has anyone else come across this problem and found a way to deal with refiling data where multiple targets are attached to a single source?

Re: Refiling dta in one target also refiles data in other ta

Postby tsuacci » Thu May 05, 2011 10:40 am

I have not found a way around the situation you describe in ConnectR - refiling a message sends it through the source system again, which means it will be processed by each of the target systems mapped to the source system. I have seen other middleware applications support this behavior, but not ConnectR. For your specific situation with LIVE and DEV, there are a couple workaround solutions.

1. You could install another instance of ConnectR on the DEV system and send all HL7 messages from your current LIVE source systems to DEV source systems. Galen configured our DEV environment in this manner a couple years ago and it has worked well. We have target systems in LIVE with pass-thru mappings that send all source messages to specific ports on the DEV system. The DEV instance of ConnectR has corresponding source systems listening on the ports and maps them to target systems that are connected to the DEV Works database. This way, if you needed to refile any messages for DEV only, you could do so in the DEV source system and not affect the LIVE systems.

2. If you don't have a DEV environment for another instance of ConnectR, you could create another source system (called DEV Source) in your LIVE ConnectR, "pass thru" all messages from your current LIVE source to the DEV Source via TCP/IP, and then map these to your DEV Target. This is similar to the above setup in that if you need to refile any message only for DEV, you could so within the DEV Source system and not impact the LIVE systems.

In general, the workaround is to create a new source system that receives copies of messages from another source system. In either of these setups, you can refile messages just in DEV by doing so within the "secondary" system, but if you refile any messages in LIVE they will trickle down to the secondary system(s).

I hope that helps.
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Re: Refiling dta in one target also refiles data in other ta

Postby » Mon May 30, 2011 8:18 am

Tyler, Thank you very much for your suggestions. I really didn't want to create another CxR system or make filing data into our DEV database more complicated but I understand your concept and it sounds like we may have to do this.

Thank you very much for the help.

We have also had an issue with working the errorlog for 2 targets that are attached to 1 source. I will post that in another separate thread. Thanks again.

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