Translation Table Within a Script?

Translation Table Within a Script?

Postby mowens » Mon May 16, 2011 9:48 am

Is there anyway to use a translation table within a script?

We are having an issue with receiving another form of a doctor's code in some instances so we have to use a translation table to assign the correct number. This works fine for the ordering provider value because we know there will only be one value returned in this field. But this poses an issue with the routing list. We are receiving multiple doctors in OBR 28, ~ delimited. We are using a script to loop through each one and build the routing list for FileResult_CMS 98 and I would like to be able to check our translation table and assign the correct number. Is this a possibility?


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Megan Owens
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Re: Translation Table Within a Script?

Postby tsuacci » Tue May 17, 2011 6:23 pm

Hi Megan,

Yes, you can query a translation table from within a script, but you have to use a Connection Object to execute a SQL select statement on the ConnectR database. If you're not familiar with the ConnectR dB, the table that stores the translations is called TranslationTableValues. You'll want to query for a specific TableID and TableInput1. For example,

select TableOutput
from TranslationTableValues
where TableID = <TableID> (you can lookup the appropriate TableID in TranslationTableDefinition)
and TableInput1 = <ExternalProviderID>

An alternate solution is to lookup a fixed number of provider ID's from the OBR-28 in your t-table. The OBR-28 is a repeating field, but usually it will not include more than 10 providers, so we lookup the code for the first 10 repetitions and map them to the routing list.
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