Modified Wipe Clean script

Modified Wipe Clean script

Postby sjdannen » Fri Jun 14, 2013 12:19 pm

For our 11.4 upgrade, Allscripts had us recut our development database from production. While the wipe clean script is offered in order to clean patient data out post upgrade, we are hoping to clear out all data except for that of our test patients. While one solution would be to simply run the wipe clean script and let the patient data come back over from the development practice management system, only the patient demographics come over and all of the history is lost.

What we are working on is taking the list of tables that the wipe clean script truncates, determining how each table links back to it's parent and being able to delete data from the table that isn't associated with our test patients. Has anyone already done this type of work that would be willing to share the experience or knowledge to give us a head start in our effort?

So far I have looked through about 180 of the proximately 450 tables listing in the wipe clean script. I am having pretty good luck, I think, with coming up with the links to parent tables that will help create a "delete all except" script.
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