Better Winsock Application

Better Winsock Application

Postby Daniel » Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:00 pm

I have been working on writing an application in to replace the limited Winsock application that is included on the ConnectR training CD and decided to post a demo here to see if I could get some feedback on how to make it better. Feel free to try this out and provide any feedback you can. Just extract the 3 files from the attached zip file and launch the executable. The two text files must be present in the same directory as the exe for the app to work. To add your own servers/systems, edit these two text files and replace existing entries.

There are 3 tabs:
1. Message - Plain text editor. Copy/paste HL7 message here. Copy/Clear buttons are self-explanatory. The "Unformat" button removes the strings "<11>", "<13>", and "<28><13>" from the source message. When sending a message into a ConnectR system, these must be included or the message will be picked up as noise.
2. Tree View - The HL7 message expanded into a tree view. Clicking on the text of any key will copy it's contents to the clipboard.
3. Winsock - Choose a server and a system and click Send and the message in the text box will be transmitted.

I've found that this is extremely useful when doing testing because you have the ability to quickly edit and transmit a message.
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Re: Better Winsock Application

Postby Rhunt » Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:51 pm

Hi Daniel,

The attachment did not work for me but it looks pretty slick from what you included below. Not sure how much you are intending on working on this but I would take a look at Hl7 Spy for ideas on what to add if you haven't heard of that tool before.

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