Script to set abnormal flag for cultures

Script to set abnormal flag for cultures

Postby rlape » Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:22 pm

We have a number of lab interfaces that include cutlures, but no one seems to be able to send an abnormal flag for positive cultures. Pediatricians get gobs of cultures and only a small percentage of them are actually abnormal. Those that are abnormal usually need to be addressed immediately so they can further treat the child. When you have gobs of normal cultures among a few abnormals it takes way longer to get to the important results than it would if they were flag as abnormal.

Long story short, we are thinking about writing a script to parse through the culture result and look for something to indicate the result is abnormal and then setting the abnormal flag on the procedure call. It seems like we could look for the word 'positive' or we could look for a susceptibility.

Has anyone done anything like this or attempted anything like this that they could share their experience?

Now that we are interfacing with the Children's hospital this is of great interest among the pediatricians.
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